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The Tragedy of American Society.

  1. There once was a time when American society at least tried to put on a face of progress, kindness, and understanding in a very mad world. Unfortunately as every year goes by we seem to fall farther away from civility, intelligence, and basic humanity.  Here I tried to collect a spectrum of related documents and comments on what we should aspire to, and how many on the Right of the political aisle are very active in creating a world centered on power for a select few, with very narrow beliefs.
  2. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck is a former Fox News commentator and he now works at creating his own media empire with frequent radio and television appearances on his Blaze video network.  He generally promotes conspiracy theories, fear, and actively attacks those he considers against his beloved Constitution and other beliefs.
  3. Some of the above articles most liked comments…

    “This is a national nightmare.May God bring comfort and ease of pain for the families of the lost.

    May He bring fast healing to the injured survivors.
    May He bring peace and wholeness in time to the children and the community.
    May He bring calm and order out of the pain and chaos caused.

    May He draw the community together in this time of their greatest ordeal.”

         –snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    “why should “GOD” do anything for us anymore ! we break “HIS” laws , turn our backs on “HIS”word ! , spit in “HIS” face ! , shit on “HIS” commandments ! , elect degenerate’s to lead us ! ,no “GOD” owes  us nothing !  this is just a “taste” of what is coming for this “degenerate cesspool” of a nation ! , we abort “HIS” children , condone degenerate sexual behavior ! , lie cheat and steal ! we have earned this !!!!!!!”


    “You are right. We have removed God from schools, public places and the hearts of over 1/2 of our nation, This country has embraced immorality, filth, gay marriage, sexual pleasure and every evil that can be imagined. God is not pleased with this country. He has finally turned His back on us and given us an evil president, degenerate congress, and if it continues I am sure it will not be long until He releases His wrath upon us.”

       –Anne Caluwaert

    “The fact is as long as California and New York want to keep watching it, the TV networks will keep running it.

    The only thing that can have broad appeal across a nation of 300 million is filth.

    This is why, culturally, the only solution is to secede. If we do this, we wouldn’t even have to ban obscenity as the networks would DESIGN material that appeals to Southern Christians instead of secular Yankees. Smaller sized TV grids design material that appeals to the local demographics instead of making meaningless garbage that is designed to appeal nationally/globally.

    Worth mentioning the founders banned obscenity and would be VERY upset to hear somehow obscenity and pornography gets protected in the 1st amendment which was designed only to protect POLITICAL speech, not blasphemy or obscenity (which many founders voted to ban in their states as they believed it was a state-issue).”


  4. Katie Pavlich is a moron who disgraces genuine reporters everywhere and is probably one of the most depressing collections of Conservative “news” anywhere in the world.
  5. More comments from the article by Ms. Pavlich.

    “Where has Obama been? On vacation. He’s about to do it again regardless of fiscal cliff talks. Out playing a round of golf. He plays more frequently than any previous president. On the campaign trail. Even when there’s no election in sight. Rather than trying to heal the nation as promised and bring us together the Great Divider continues to foment social unrest. There’s no doubt in my mind the conditions he’s been very much responsible for creating were in part responsible for the Newtown tragedy.”

    “Great idea Feinstein and Bloomberg. Commoner gentiles must surrender their right to protect families with a gun. Only urban billionaires like you should have this protection. In fact, your families are so important, your kids attended elite private schools like Mitt and Barack enjoyed. Whatever you do… stand with teacher unions against vouchers. Imagine if the schools your children attended were invaded by the unwashed masses. Yep, commoners need to know their place Michael and Diane. They need to realize your families are surrounded by guns all day long because rich people are important. Commoner kids that attend government schools should just wait for the cops to arrive.”         – cambermeister

    “Everyone remember this one FACT: The one and ONLY reason progressives want to ban guns is because they prefer unarmed victims.”       – beowulfe

    “Maybe the black murder, robbery, and car-jacking spree of the past 30 years will finally be brought under control?”         – usurped

    “will fubarack HIMSELF PERSONALLY come and TRY to take my weapons?
    or will he HIDE and SEND OTHERS like a DICTATOR and COWARD

    how about nonmoderateunconservative?

    you man enough for the job?

    or will you emulate your MASTER and HIDE and DEMAND OTHERS do what you dont have the GUTS to do YOURSELF

    come on all you pissants.

    YOU PERSONALLY and NOT OTHERS”      – usmcpgw

    “Ah, yes, typical usmcpgw.. Big tough guy…. spewing hate-filled invectives, name calling, threatening everyone…. yeah, a real “patriot. ” I am sure this kind of attitude is exactly what our Foundering Fathers envisioned for our Democracy.”         –americanobserver

  6. Freedom of Speech is a gift granted to those of us within the United States. It is a sad shame that so many individuals use that as a shield to utter hate and condemn people who view the world differently than we do.
  7. piersmorgan
    UTTERLY HEART-BREAKING > Sandy Hook first graders in class photo: #Newton
  8. timmyf
    RT @ezraklein: 7. Gun sales spike after shootings: “An estimated 120,000 to 130,000 guns were sold on the Saturday after the [Newton] shooting.”
  9. hollahalo415
    CNN is devoting all day everyday to the Newton tragedy, Fox “News” is still focusing on Benghazi. Conservatives are ridiculous.
  10. “Fox news…fair and balanced.”
  11. It doesn’t take much to change the world. Not being content with the status quo is generally a good place to start.