Monthly Archives: April 2012

Depression Sucks

Whatever happens I want you to know I still got this. I will still win. I will eventually see you again, tell you that you’re a fucking piece of shit and move on with my life once again.  Ultimately I just want to feel like a normal, healthy, happy person again. I am brilliant when I am not trying frantically to just stay afloat.

Hitchhiking My Way Around the Universe

I did not end up at the college I thought I would. I changed majors two times before I really found something I could really start caring about. I had to deal with depression and diabetes and a whole host of other things that nearly made it so I could not come back to school.  Somehow despite all that, and one hell of a bitch for an ex, I managed to get a job working in a laboratory trying to cure diabetes and I am even on the road to graduate school.

Maskman Rage. Morons in History Class


Today I learned that even at an institute of higher education, one of particular repute too, there are people who refuse to use their brains on any level. I listened to one stark raving mad individual argue for almost an hour over the validity President Obama’s birth certificate. Personally I don’t really care at this point, he has been President for 4 years, get over it.  The point in the class that began to get under my skin was the same individuals denial of history.  According to him, Lenin was assassinated, Benedict Arnold simply got a bad rap, and Oliver Stone’s JFK Assassination theory is absolutely perfect. Moron.