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Within Temptation-Lost


The American People.

The American people have lost their way. Our country is in massive debt, our government is stagnant and depressing, the economy has struggled to regain a footing, and all around the world other nations belittle our actions and chip away at our advantages.  It should be noted that This is nothing new.
Throughout this great nation’s short history, and it is  very short in the memory of the world, it has overcome all of the previously stated obstacles…again and again.  After the Revolutionary War this new nation was indebted and lost, without much chance of success.  In the War of 1812 our Capital and Executive Mansion were burned to the ground by invading forces! From 1861-1865 our nation fought its worst ever conflict in terms of lives lost and maimed…American against American. For the next hundred years a nation, which had promised freedom and equality to a long enslaved people, worked tireless to deny them that right. In the 20th century America had been at war to save the free world and also to enslave it, lest it be enslaved by communism.  At the dawn of the newest century, our nation was attacked by a cowardly foe, and we have not known peace since.  If someone were to examine only the things America has done wrong they would be spending a very long time dissecting a very very long list, but in every one of the previously mentioned cases the American people resolved to change their circumstances.  The results have at times been half-measures and little more than promises but there is a resolve that the job is never done for an American, and that he or she, must always keep chipping away at the problems of the country and the world.

So what has changed with our people today?

-Are we still a nation of immigrants? Yes

-Do we still bicker over political issues? Yes

-Is there a healthy knowledge of what has been done in the past, and how we should approach the future? No.

As a student of history, particularly the history of my home country, I am often shocked and saddened by how ignorant individuals are of their nation’s history.  I don’t mean incorrect interpretations of court outcomes or thoughts on the inner workings of our founding fathers but more so on the lack of knowledge concerning documents that were instrumental in forging our nation over the last 250 years. Over the next few weeks I will publish public domain documents that I believe are essential for every American to know, and know well, with a personally written introduction.  I can not simply sit while politicians are less concerned about performing great actions than with seeing the other party fail, or worse yet a generation that has grown up pretentious and unchallenged, without having to fight for its right to lead.