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Canto VI-The Inferno

MY sense reviving, that erewhile had droop’d
With pity for the kindred shades, whence grief
O’ercame me wholly, straight around I see
New torments, new tormented souls, which way
Soe’er I move, or turn, or bend my sight.
In the third circle I arrive, of show’rs
Ceaseless, accursed, heavy, and cold, unchang’d
For ever, both in kind and in degree.
Large hail, discolour’d water, sleety flaw
Through the dun midnight air stream’d down amain:
Stank all the land whereon that tempest fell.
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She thought that love was going to fight
She thought that love was gonna take her home
She thought that love was gonna save her
But love just never showed
She thought that love was always watching
Oh and learned that love was supposed to win
But sometimes it’s the demons
That are standing in the end