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Manifesto for the American:Education

Sit down, shut up, and start taking notes or your parents, parent, jerk uncle, etc. (I really don’t care) will stop getting their welfare checks.  There are a huge variety of problems facing public schools across the country, some of which are beyond our control, and others which we can actively work to correct.  One of the things I have noticed is that education in this country is not seen as economic investment and we are too reticent (especially in Urban areas) to chalk up poor performance to poor conditions at the home.  Parents who could care less about whether or not their kids are in schools are a major reason why students in other countries from similar levels of poverty and broken homes still do better.  Individuals care more about sitting on their fat asses, blaming “the man”, blaming the dad, the mom, the lack of either instead of doing the one thing they can that makes such a significant difference.  They can care enough to get involved.  Nothing happens overnight, but I would be willing to bet if economic welfare was tied to whether or not individuals attended class, and performed at least well enough to pass state exams (which in New York are becoming a joke) academic performance and attendance would skyrocket.

On the other side of the equation we need to re-evaluate the teaching profession as a whole.  Other nations treat teachers as one of the most highly respected and compensated positions because they recognize that teachers are responsible for generating/educating their economic and political future.  So here in the United States, we have a number of good teachers but too many who’s first choice might not have been teaching and far far too many who do not care about positively influencing the students entrusted to them.  I know from personal experience, and all sorts of data supports it, that a great teacher can instill in a student a lifelong love of learning and seriously increase their performance.  But for every great teacher there is the one who could not be bothered, and it just defeats a student. I think we have all had those moments but could you imagine what it would be like if all we had were great teachers? Or even good teachers?  It is important to note that I am not in favor of placing all teacher’s under the gun in terms of accountability and student performance reports.  Some of that needs to happen….too bad but it does….however we can not put all the blame on them or the home.  We need to decide whether we want to be a nation of geniuses, rapidly developing new technologies and ideas that keep us at the front, or sit back and let the rest of the world (See China and India) take it.

CNN Belief Blog

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) — A newly revealed, centuries-old papyrus fragment suggests that some early Christians might have believed Jesus was married. The fragment, written in Coptic, a language used by Egyptian Christians, says in part, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …”

Harvard Divinity School Professor Karen King announced the findings of the 1 1/2- by 3-inch honey-colored fragment on Tuesday in Rome at the International Association for Coptic Studies.

King has been quick to add this discovered text “does not, however, provide evidence that the historical Jesus was married,” she wrote in a draft of her analysis of the fragment set to appear in the January edition of Harvard Theological Review. The divinity school has posted a draft of King’s article to which AnneMarie Luijendijk, an associate professor of religion at Princeton University, contributed.

“This fragment, this new piece of papyrus evidence, does…

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