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MiRNA Review Early Version

MicroRNAs are a class of small RNA molecules of approximately 17-25 nucleotides in length. Over the last 15-20 years there has been increased interest in these functional molecules due to their involvement in gene regulation and function. While there have been significant developments in determining/predicting the targets genes associated with different miRNAs the mechanism by which the miRNA functions in gene regulation has yet to be elucidated clearly. Currently it is thought that miRNA functions in gene regulation as a post-transcriptional factor and that it inhibits or represses translation of a mRNA molecule.

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What the healthcare ruling means for me.



It may seem cliched and rather over the top to say but the health care ruling was truly a success of the American system for me.  That is not an easy thing to admit to when it means further expansion of the Federal government and an ever larger role in our daily lives, but for someone in my situation, the decision will resonate for years.  I am a Type 1 Diabetic who also suffers from clinical major depressive disorder, both of which require constant treatment and vigilance if I am to remain functional and healthy.  Without the healthcare act, I would have been left twisting in the wind, unable to get insurance due to pre-existing conditions and given the economy there would have been a significant period where I would have been unable to pay for things such as test strips, insulin, syringes, lancets, infusion sets, the works.  All of those supplies amount to thousands of dollars in medical expenses per month! The act means I will be able to pay my rent, to eat right, to make sure that I can get the supplies that keep me healthy and contributing to diabetes research at the NIH and working towards my college degree at Colgate University.

That is big fricken deal, and yet despite all of the happiness I should have felt yesterday I could not help but notice the angry shouts of the Tea Party and the whiny comments from the Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  I do not believe that government should keep expanding into our everyday lives, but after 2 wars, endless partisan bickering, and an overall incompetence in Congress that is just depressing. By immediately condemning something that could do so much for America, for people like me, the right has once again burned all the bridges we need to keep partisanship off the table and effective discourse on the table. I would love to see politicians care more about the success of policies across the aisle that help all Americans, than hoping they fail merely for the success of one’s own interest.  Chief Justice John Roberts, despite the speculation that he may have a more far reaching agenda, gave legitimacy to the Constitution and power of our system over his political block and for that he will have my respect for a very, very long time.