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The speech every woman should hear –

The speech every woman should hear –


Get off the Rascal

As a researcher that works with both obesity and diabetes, thank you Matt Stone and Trey Parker for creating this episode of South Park.  Get off your fat ass and walk to the food that is killing you because I am tired of the funding that is going to Type 2 Diabetics and morbidly obese dumbasses who are killing themselves.

Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. -JFK

A minor clarification before I go on this next little rant, I consider myself a bit of a radical, because I feel like one of the few remaining Americans who still actively thinks about his decisions. That being said I love our (America’s) political system and I think that while democracies and republics have existed for thousands of years there has never been one quite like ours. I am extremely proud of my country, even with the last ten years leaving a bit of a black mark on us.

Our political system is the best in the world. It contains a myriad mix of checks and balances designed to ensure that power is distributed and that actions are undertaken by the government for the benefit of the people. However, it is a system that is incredibly dependent on the people within it, and those individuals are failing us. My question is why do we keep sending them back? The answer arises from our own stupidity, as citizens of this nation. We have fallen victim to greed, self-serving behavior and a lack of focus. These problems have plagued every great society and one of the most notable examples is the Roman Empire. The latin phrase panem et circenses (bread and circuses) arose during this ancient period to describe the behavior of the aristocracy to describe the general population from their plight with entertainment and enough food to keep them alive, if only barely. The parallels between this and our current generation of leaders is frightening as we have been saddled by ineffective leaders who are only concerned with furthering their agenda and maintaining an iron grip on power. We have career politicians versus leaders considered about the nation’s well being.

As a concerned citizen it is time for radical action. Our leaders deny basic tenants of scientific theory and their conclusions, they spend with impunity believing that we have an entitlement to to both increased scope of programs and also tax breaks which eliminates the revenue needed to fund them! Every time you hear a politician say we can solve all of our economic woes with tax breaks is lying to you. 1 + 1 does not equal 1. Instead 1+the amount we spend every year as a nation = massive increases in the deficit and debt. However, the average voter is unwilling to listen to their own good sense….or at least I hope they have the good sense somewhere….and believe the lies. Any increase in spending must be counteracted by an accompanying increase in revenue, until the deficit is eliminated and we start running a surplus. Believing the hocus-pocus wordplay thrown around by almost every member of Congress, on both sides of the aisle has created a financial crisis rivaled only by the Great Depression.

The nation has become split with partisan ideologies where it is no longer about a conversation designed to persuade individuals that you will do the best you can to help the country and instead we simply shout that you are a monster gun-toting climate change denying republican idiot or an over educated baby murdering death panel loving liberal snob. Pretending the problems do not exist is a nice fantasy but in the end the only result from this sort of behavior is that we will end up being taken over by China and India.

The solution to this stagnation is straightforward but it is also brutal and controversial. The Old Guard of politicians, the ones who play the game to stay in power, and the new ones who above compromise, think the Tea Partiers who will not even consider discussing any joint proposal, need to be taken out to pasture and left there. They have no place trying to solve the problems they helped create and then sustain. The problems facing the nation require a new generation and new leaders, experience is important but “we can’t solve problems using the same sort of thinking we had when we created them.”

Type 2 Diabetes

I dislike the obese and Type 2 Diabetics. It is not fair to say that all do it to themselves, I know, but most do it to themselves.  Being a researcher that is surrounded by colleagues who are so focused on diabetes research I am often blown away by what little interest Type 1 Diabetes is given.  The junk food eating, rascal riding fat-so who ends up with a diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes is not the person we should be spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on via research and Medicare dollars.  Maybe we should just tip the fat fuckers over and watch them shit themselves because they “can’t even walk down the aisle to get their candy.”

-Sincerely, A Lifelong Athlete and Type 1 Diabetic who is sick of all the money going to shitheads who are killing themselves.